Online Shopping, Ecommerce and Shopping Cart Websites

A good ecommerce site captures your potential purchasers’ attention and translates them into immediate and repeat customers. These are some key factors we are mindful of when building ecommerce sites.

• Ease of navigation making the experience easy, enjoyable and convenient for the purchaser
• Site loading speed. This is a critical element for purchasers
• Advanced inventory management (for those bigger sites )
• Building a mail list including buyers and those site visitors who visited but didn’t buy anything
• Build brand loyalty

Other criteria

Payment Systems
The more options the better. We want to make the buying process simple. Who should you partner with? What payment gateway should you use? How many options should you ideally have? These are all key considerations.

Wouldn’t it be good if you had built in intelligence where you could still keep track of those customers who visited your site buy didn’t buy anything? How do you improve things if you don’t know why people left without buying. We can build intelligence into the online shopping process and backend database to track and store buyer information so you can take future action.
We can provide features that enable you to compile valuable data on who your customers are, how long they spend on your site, what device they used to browse and where they visited on your site.

Just like local councils should allow for population growth in their infrastructure you should also choose a platform that will handle increased visitor traffic and will scale with your business as it grows too. There are many options out there.

Open source vs closed source platforms
There are many arguments for and against whether you chose and open source platform or go with a web company who has their own inhouse platform. While an inhouse platform means hopefully getting the right technical support and not having to worry about licencing terms or compliance issues what happens if the relationship between you and your provider turns sour? You are locked into one company. Walking away means having to start all over again. With an open sourced platform you never have this concern.

What is your Unique Selling Proposition? Why should a purchaser buy from you as opposed to your competitor? How do you differentiate your business from others.Whatever your USP is you need to showcase it all over your site.

Purchasers want to know your site is secure before handing over their credit card details. They want to know yous site wont be hacked giving third parties access to their personal data. Show your site is secure by using SSL certificates. Make sure you are regularly updating your site with new software relevant to your platform. Have multiple layers of security including your own firewall,secure passwords for logins, and search queries.

Marketing / Smart Tools / Social Media
Find out why your customers are visiting and then leaving. Use of tools like analytics, crazy egg,clic tale, survey monkey to track visitors, see where they are clicking on your pages, see what they viewing and what images they click on most often. These tools can be invaluable. Inhouse Surveys can be a critical tool for making ongoing site improvements. Of course people need to be incentivized to undertake a survey.

Build Customer traffic through multiple avenues. Social media are one of the key tools to use. Which is the best SM platform to use for your business? Should you use them all or just one or two?

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