AdwordsSo what is AdWords?

Wanting instant results rather than waiting for SEO campaigns to kick into gear. Then AdWords maybe the way to go either as an interim measure or as a long term online marketing strategy. We want to minimize your adword spend and maximize your results.

As part of our process we will:

  • Set up automated reports that verify the effectiveness (or not) of the AdWords campaign
  • Make sure the keyword lists are right for you and that the keyword “match type” is the best for your needs
  • Make sure the Ad text is compelling and contains keywords
  • Make sure the landing page contains keywords so the Quality score (QS) is raised which in turn lowers the CPC (Cost per Click)
  • If necessary, to split the Adwords Campaign into multiple campaigns and/or Ad Groups which helps analysis of it’s effectiveness
  • Set up a “conversion” or “goal” activity that denotes a desired visitor behavior such as buying or enquiring
  • Make sure the the geographic targeting is right for you

So what is AdWords?
Google Adwords are the text based adverts that appear at the top and the right hand side of all of Google’s search results. If there aren’t any showing there, no one is advertising under those keywords.

A lot of people jump in the deep end with Adwords, without knowing the real consequences. Our advise is that you better have deep pockets before you start, because doing it that way is really learning the hard way and a lot of advertisers can easily get burnt. Exposing profitable niches means more skillful budgeting and this is where experienced campaign management really pays with higher conversion rates with a lower cost per click.

We know it because we’ve been there before, and we know how to fully optimise your spend by getting your Adword’s campaigns that generally rate 10/10 or more on search relevance.

Google also provides a system called Adsense which appears on other site’s pages. These tend to have far fewer click-throughs but can be extremely cost effective for certain niche products.

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